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In Submerged Mining we are currently running our own exploration drilling, mining and processing operations, on several reserves. We also incorporate in our offer, the services of Mine Planning and Mine Design to our customers and external parties.


We are running our own fleet of road transport trucks through Submerged Logistics, together with a flexible and competitive brokerage division. Submerged Logistics prides itself in   professional service delivery and trustworthy relationships with its clients.


Submerged Trading focuses on balancing its client- base through the 3 main coal sectors, namely Exports, Eskom and Local end -users. We have an energetic team concentrating on Marketing and Back-to-back Transactions with 3rd party suppliers.


Finally we do all our financing in-house, in order to increase the competitiveness in each of our companies. Submerged Capital also specialises on investments outside the coal industry, locally and abroad.

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Submerged Industrial is a dynamic company in the coal industry that strives to unlock the full potential of our customers in each segment of the market

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